Salsa contest winners


Contestants must be 18 or older to enter and provide

legal proof of age

All contestants shall assemble on the left side of the stage and be ready at 2pm.

Entries must be homemade and not produced or packaged commercially in any way

Contestants must sign up on line. Applications will be accepted starting August 15th on line. Send e-mail to The first 30 contestants will be accepted.  Contestants will be notified of acceptance by e-mail. All e-mails must have a dated time of delivery the 15th or later.

Salsa samples may not be offered to the public.

Samples will be judged on a scale of 1 - 10 with the following categories:
Heat as it related to the balance of flavor

In the event of a tie Chile Pepper Festival personal will have the final decision. All  decisions are final.

Contestants must provide a 16 ounce sample in a non returnable plastic container.

All samples must be kept chilled till judging

One entry per contestant

1st Place

2nd Place

2017 Salsa Contest Friday September 8th 2pm

                           2016 Salsa Contest Winners

                                              1st Place (C) Al Buddah

                           2nd Place (R) Ruddy Hoogenboom

                                  3rd Place (L) Trudy Rivera